cmdagent.exe not allowing to safely remove EHDD or USB Flash


I have CIS version and when trying to safely remove an EHDD or USB flash, cmdagent.exe won’t allow that operation.

It can take several minutes for cmdagent.exe to finally release the device and to be safely removed

I have Zentimo and with this program I was able to identify this (see attachment).

By searching the forum for keywords: “cmdagent.exe safely remove” I did found some posts, but they were dating 2 years or more, and since this is happening with the latest version I decided to make a new post.

Would appreciate your assistance to fix this annoying issue

[attachment deleted by admin]

Most likely file source tracking is enabled under the sandbox settings which is causing cmdagent to not release the open file handle to the removable storage media. I don’t have file source tracking enabled which is probably why I haven’t experienced this issue when removing USB flash drives.

Hi futuretech

Thanks for the suggestion, I disabled this setting did some testing and it seems to fix the problem :smiley:

even thoug I think Comodo should address this by implementing a feature that immediately detects a safe removal attempt, and stop any CIS process (so that EHDD and USB flash devices can be safely removed right away)