cmdagent.exe KILLING my usage, about to uninstall

I just formatted my windows and installed comodo fresh. I decided to try comodo as a different firewall (as zonealarm was a bit of a hog and had some issues but nothing near comodo). Initially I was impressed, seems a great firewall, particularly as its free. But cmdagent.exe dominates my usage all the time. I can’t play games without them jerking all the time, and I can’t even use skype as the voice often goes jerky. Tried turning off all logging, didn’t help, now I’m willing to go back to zone alarm unless someone has a solution. Looking for some help as I like this program.

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You’re not alone with this issue. Believe me ;). Since you just re-formatted the computer, it makes me really think it’s a bug or software incompatibility. Disabling the log only applies to cpf.exe and cpu. Cmdagent.exe is another issue.

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The good news is that I haven’t seen any cpu issues reported on version 3 alpha (except on some Vista pc’s).


I get this problem from time to time too, cmdagent.exe using as much memory usage as it possibly can, at times it will exceed 90%, trying to use Photoshop or any other resource hungry program gets impossible, even just emailing/surfing takes ages.

I’ve tried to see if there’s a pattern when cmdagent.exe gets greedy, but as far as I can tell there isn’t one. It does not happen every day, every third day or so, once it’s started hogging memory it does so for a long time. One day last week it started hogging just as I was about to go out, so I left it undisturbed knowing that I would be back in about 3 hours, it was still doing whatever it was doing at maximum memory usage available to it,when I returned.

The only way I can find to stop it, without terminating it in task manager and I’d rather not stop it while using everything else on my PC, is to reboot, which is a real pain. I really like this firewall, I used to use Zonealarm but found that was getting bloated and a memory hog too, I’d like to continue using Comodo but may have to try something else unless it stops being so greedy.

I’m using XP Pro, fully patched. I have no idea if there may be a conflict with other programs, I’d rather not go through the process of disabling them one at a time to see if this is the case, they all worked fine together before I installed Comodo about 6-7 weeks ago.

Do any of the above threads work?

I’ve always had CM on ‘learning’, mainly because I’ve only had this application for 6-7 wks, I haven’t had Acrobat Reader on my machine for some time, I haven’t uninstalled/re-installed Comodo(yet), I have not used any p2p for some time.

I’ve had MDI switched off for a couple of days and just put it back on, I didn’t have any spikes while it was off, nor since it’s back on again. I have just disabled logging for Network Monitor.

It could be that I swapped firewalls on an up and running system, with various security progs, all regularly updated) already running, I may have to go backwards as it were, uninstall my security software and install the firewall first(and start it learning all over again!), after I try the un/re-install trick for Comodo. It’s a learning process, try the various fixes/suggestions that others have found work, one at a time, and hope that something amongst all of them is the answer, maybe I’ve already hit on the right one for my set-up(fingers crossed, which makes typing this ■■■■ hard!).

I don’t suppose that the delay in getting a full ver.3 out has anything to with logging issues, does it?!

Maybe as a joke…Logging has got to be on the lower end for the delay of v3. Please note that v3 is a full HIPS (which can be a product on its own), has to support and deal with Vista and 64-bit OS’s, and in addition to that Comodo is building a Buffer Overflow mechanism (another product that can be classified on its own). I think that takes a bit of time…