cmdagent.exe killing my system (again)

Not trying to pour cold water, but the CMDAgent.exe chewing up 100% of the CPU cycle doing god knows what , has been a problem since V2. The thread there actually came up as the 2nd result on a google search for cmdagent. I would think that it would be a more fundamental problem that needs to be fixed, since its a problem across versions.

Why should v3.5 fare any better? Goodluck indeed.

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Users should be aware that this issue afects only a tiny proportion of CFP users and the cause is proving hard to track down. The devs are aware of the issue.

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(:AGY) I used to love COMODO Firewall…but I am having the same problem with cmdagent.
I have two laptops - one a P4 3.0 ghz running XP Pro SP2 with CFW version 3.5.54375.427, and only AVG 7.5 anti-spy with NOD32 running live. I mainly use FF 3.04. Usage of cmdagent goes up to 80 - 90% and hangs there often…hours it seems.
Other laptop is a CoreDuo 1.6ghz running XP Home SP2 with same version CFW, AVG and NOD32 and FF. Usage of cmdagent on that machine is around 50% for hours.

This only started happening for me with FF 3 and the last two updates of COMODO. What’s going on? I use CCleaner regularly…and A1 Click Windows Cleaner (best there is). Regularly use a registry cleaner and so on. Machines are squeaky clean and fast…except when cmdagent hogs them…which isn’t always but frequently.

I’ve disabled cmdagent for now and back to using Windows firewall (behind a router firewall…byte me!) Seems like a COMODO problem to me…it still happens even without FF running!!!

Don’t tell me to go to CIS…NOD32 and Avira are the best there is…I’ll wait until COMODO A/V proves itself before I stop using one of those two A/Vs. Thanks!!!

Unfortunately, the only way to get an upgraded firewall is to install CIS, but you could always select to not install the AV component, which would install just the firewall.

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Hi, everyone.

I had cmdagent.exe completely consuming my machine whenever Firefox’s cache was cleared. It took awhile to find the problem since the private data was set to be deleted upon exit. It seems that another COMODO user has found a solution to the problem. Apparently, it lies with COMODO’s pending files. COMODO eventually gathers thousands of pending files (assuming you don’t take the hours necessary to look through them) related to Firefox. All that is needed is to purge the pending files, and the problem is resolved.

I have a machine doing this, in fact unistalling COMODO was the only way I was able to stop cmdagent.
and its running IE7 not FF.
Good to see COMODO are looking into this because although this machine also runs SWT I dont belive that that is the problem, I have several other machine running this combination (+AVG) with no problems.

Hi Guys.

CIS build 432 fixes cmdagent.exe 100% CPU when Firefox is running, See how that build goes for you.

FIXED! Cmdagent.exe consumes 100% memory when firefox.exe is run


[color=purple]I have the same problem on my windows xp…lots of cpu usage from my cmdagent.exe …btw I have COMODO Internet Security 3.5 but it still uses alot of cpu no matter what browser I use
Also where do I get Revo? anyone got a link to that? One more thought, my computer tech told me that I don’t need a firewall since my router has a firewall built in…is that true? If that’s true then what would happen if I were to uninstall ‘comodo internet sercurity’? I’m hesitant on uninstalling it but this cpu usuage is frustrating…can anyone tell me how I can temporaily disable my comodo firewall? Hellllllp!

Hi Starwoman_777.

Here is the link for Revo: Regarding your computer tech, he/she probably doesn’t know Comodo Internet Security has a HIPS & AntiVirus, And the Software Firewall Comodo uses is very unique, you can create many global & application rules on your PC. I recommend you keeping it.

The CPU issue was fixed in the latest build. I reccomend Uninstalling CIS and reinstalling this build and see how things go.