cmdagent.exe killing my system (again)

Hi, this is the 2nd time I have tried using Comodo Firewall Pro (free) and the 2nd time I’ve had problems with cmdagent.exe. The first time, it started using up all my CPU usage immediately after installing CFP. This time, I have used CFP for about 2 months and yesterday cmdagent.exe starting killing my system again.

I have restarted my PC countless times but to no avail. Cmdagent only seems to start eating up the CPU when I start Mozilla FireFox. Maybe its a compatibility issue? I tried updating to FireFox 3 too but this doesn’t help. Right now I’m using Opera and it’s fine.

My girlfriend uses CFP on her Vista system and she doesn’t have any trouble at all. I will probably go back to using Zonealarm firewall, as I don’t think its worth spending lots more time troubleshooting a problem like this when I can use Zonealarm without having any such bugs - unless of course you guys have a definite fix for this bug.

I’ve never had a process eat up so much CPU like this - its really frustrating.

System and A/V details:
Win XP Service Pack 3
Avast A/V 4.8
Spyware Terminator
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

First of dont blame Comodo. Zone Alarm Free is no better then Windows Firewall so I do not recommend it. I see your using Spyware Terminator. Thats problem #1. Spyware Terminator eats resources and is pretty much useless since your using Avast which has real time spyware monitoring. Most of use ehre use SAS and MBAM on demand. Trim your system to just Comodo and Avast in real time. I run Comodo on both my XP machines with no problems. NOD32 on them both. Also over time Firefox becomes slower and slower. I helped out another person with the same issue. Try doing a complete uninstall of Firefox. Use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode. Also make Firefiox a web browser under the firewall policy and trusted under D+. Here is a link to completely remove Firefox. Uninstall Spyware Terminator. Do you have the HIPS of Spyware Terminator on? BTW Comodo is free. There is no paid Comodo. The plus is a Smart Warranty.

Thanks for your reply Vettetech.

I did a complete advanced unistall of Firefox using Revo (great program by the way - thanks), and now there doesn’t seem to be any problem with cmdagent.exe. Hopefully it will stay that way! I was actually also having a problem with Firefox 3 crasing ever time I opened it, but Revo has fixed that too :wink:

About Spyware Terminator, I haven’t noticed any problems with it eating up resources - and I have HIPS enabled. However, do you still recommend switching it for SAS? Also, on the A/V front, which of the free apps do you feel is strongest - Avast, AVG, or Avira?

This is my first time to post on the Comodo forum and really appreciate your assistance. Thank you!

Hello peter79 and welcome to the forum ;D About choosing a free good anti virus i suggest Avast or Avira but i prefer Avast for it’s daily updates and it’s web scanner which is a great thing to have. the new AVG is kind of limited from what i have read about it. But as long as you choose Avast or Avira I believe you’ll be fine.

You cannot run 2 HIPS programs. Comodo HIPS is far superior then Spyware Terminator will ever be. Look at the memory usage of Spyware Terminator and you will see what I mean. Get rid of Spyware Terminator and install Avast. (R)

Thanks guys for your replies.

I’ll stick with Avast in that case then. Regarding the anti-spyware, I have switched off Spyware Terminator’s HIPS, as I didn’t realise Comodo had one too. I haven’t noticed any CPU/memory hogging problems with Spyware Terminator, but do you guys recommend using a different anti-spyware program instead?

SuperAntiSpyware is better. MalwareBytes Antimalware is also considered good (you already have this one) :slight_smile: you should uninstall SpywareTerminator all together and install SAS as your on-demand scanner :slight_smile:

+1 on that. Spyware Terminator is bloated junk. Avast has real time spyware protection. As Commodus said use SAS and MBAM. Thats what I use and scan once a week on demand with them.

Great, thanks for your help guys (:KWL)

Hi peter79,

Has the cmdagent.exe issue been resolved?


Josh, sorry - I didn’t see your reply until now.

The cmdagent.exe issue had been resolved until yesterday - now it’s back :frowning:

Every time I start Firefox, cmdagent causes CPU usage to hit 100% and I have to shutdown my laptop to stop it. As a temporary solution, I’m using Opera now and its fine. IE seems to be ok too - just as slow as it always is :wink:

Should I do another complete advanced unistall of Firefox using Revo? Anyone else having this problem with Firefox/Comodo?

Its not Comodo. I have made other threads about this. Firefox breaks down after awhile. You need to do a complete uninstall of Firefox and reinstall. I mean complete. Read here. See other threads. What version of Firefox are you using? Did you make Firefox a web browser under the Firewall Policy.?

Thanks Vettetech. I know its not Comodo. It’s FF, and the version I’m using is 3. I want to try making the necessary changes to Comodo’s firewall and D+ policy first - where exactly should these changes be made?

For Firewall is it in Common Tasks - "Define a new trusted application"or in Advanced - “Predefined Firwall Policies”?

For D+, is it in Advanced - “Predefined Security Policies”?

for firewall go to advanced network security policy find Firefox hit edit use predefined security policy make it a web browser. for D + advanced computer security policy find it hit edit make it a trusted app. make sure you hit apply at the bottom on both firewall and D + or it will not take.

Thanks Frogger! But I just searched the Mozilla forums and found this post (below). He recommends running CCleaner and it works. FF3 is running fine on my system now and cmdagent isn’t giving any problems 8) I haven’t made any changes to Comodo’s firewall or D+ policies. And idea how this could be? Whatever it is, it seems to be linked to Vettetech’s idea of FF slowing down after while - something to do with a build up of temp files, etc. But why this causes cmdagent to go crazy I just don’t know.

not sure i haven’t Ben running Firefox to long and i clear my cache daily so i hope i never have this problem.

Every now and again my system goes slow and today I noticed the cmdagent.exe similar to above.

But as I clear the cache on FF exit and run CCleaner regularly, I still experience problems on an intermittant basis

I did the uninstall of Firefox using Revo the other week and that worked, a couple of weeks later the problem starts all over again and is inttermitant, despite using CCLeaner. So is the fix Opera?

Hi Steve, I used Opera for a while and had no problem with cmdagent. Then I discovered that CCleaner solved the cmdagent problem for me, so I went back to Firefox. Sorry I don’t have any other specific fix for you.

I wonder whether it is CPU speed. Am using a Celeron 2.6mhz., Do users who have this problem uninstall Firefox? Just thinking of the problem with my wife not liking change…

This morning the machine took a minute to become usable and the delay appeared to be Comodo, as Firefox was not running at the time. Hey hum… Suppose I could change the firewall…

You guys can try COMODO Internet Security 3.5 RC2 which is due for a final version on Thursday (23/10/08). This will replace version 3.0x and includes many bug fixes and improvements. You can install the Firewall only off course, and you need to uninstall CFP 3.0x before installing CIS 3.5.