cmdagent.exe is using too much of my cpu process

even when idle that cmdagent.exe is still using most of my cpu resources for it. is this normal?

my comp is pentium 3 866mhz 512mb ram windows xp pro sp2

thank you

Hello Sonicgear,

Welcome to the forums, can you tell us what version of CIS you have installed and in what setup it’s running.
AV + Firewall + Defense+ and did you change any of the default settings ?

Also a list of other security software could come in handy.

i’m using the the 3.10 version and i have no other security software

av + firewall + defense + all on default setting also

how much resources is it using?

Are you using the AV program? Is is updated? The currenet database version is 1999. Notice that after the initial install of CIS with AV there is a big update of the AV database that takes quite a while and during that update cmdagent is very active.

Also let Diagnostics run and see if that helps. It can be found under Miscellaneous.

yes my database is up to date. the cpu resources it using range from 08 to 80 something sometimes. btw this isn’t happen all the time but it happens quite often and can last for 1 to 2 hours period

There are a few possibilities that could cause this.

  1. AV database update seems to use a lot of CPU on some systems, but running for 1 or 2 hours would be to much.

  2. AV scan engine takes a lot of CPU when scanning specific files (Like autohotkey scripts for example).

I Assume you have the AV set to stateful, is your setup safe to set AV to disabled for a while and watch what happens?