cmdagent.exe is not running

Comodo Application Agent is not running after Comodo initializes.

System Status says run diagnostics.
Diagnostics say all is well.

Comodo Application Agent is a system service but does not show up in the services list in Administrative tools.

It showed up in the prior version but would never execute at boot time so I started it with a batch file. At least it showed up in services.

With this new version (V3), the application agent does not even show up in the list of services.
The program cmdagent.exe is in the C:\program files\comodo\firewall folder but is not installed and does not run.

Why won’t the Comodo Application Agent service show up as an installed service?
How do I start (or install) the service?

I am running standard XP Pro (SP2).

Can you reinstall?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled with the same result. I tried the manual uninstall and then a reinstall with the same result. The cmdagent.exe is in the folder but does not show up as a system service and therefore cannot be started.

When I had the prior version, the application agent would never start at boot time with the rest of the system. I had to manually start the application agent, but, at least the agent was in the services list as COMODO APPLICATION AGENT. Later I made a simple batch file to start it with a NET command at boot time and all was working if not starting as it should.

Now I cannot start the application agent service manually or with a batch file since the service does not exist on my system. So, I am back to the question, How do I get the application agent to install and start up at boot time?

Something is blocking cmdagent from starting properly. What other security software do you have?
You are the first person i have seen with this issue.