cmdagent.exe interferes/stops file deletion

When attempting to delete a large file of documents/music, cmdagent.exe starts running and runs continuously until the deletion is cancelled.
No deletion takes place.
With ‘Real Time Scanning’ disabled, deletion runs immediately.

Hey CloudCatcher.

When reporting bugs can you please give as much information to the developers as possible?

Such as,

Operating System (Including service pack):
32 or 64 Bit:
What other security applications are running:

How large is the content? is it Mp3, Mpeg, Mp4, Wmv, Flv… Etc. The more info the better :slight_smile:

XP Pro SP3 32Bit … mostly .wma, with some .wmv and .jpg … size of folder was 5 gb … all apps that could be shutdown via taskbar icons were shut down prior to attempted delete.