cmdAgent.exe hogs cpu usage

Hello World, 2nd post, I’ve been using comodo for about 1 year plus now, but recently i’ve been getting a lot of problems with this Defense plus thingy.

CmdAgent.exe seems to hog my cpu, jumping from 80+% to 99% all the time when i run firefox.exe. It all started when i tried to clear my firefox cache and now I cannot use firefox, my computer freezes and I can’t even shutdown normally, it takes about 20 minutes for me to issue a command for the system to restart, and when it does, everything works fine again.

But the moment i run firefox, my whole system becomes excruciatingly slow, ctrl-alt-del shows cmdAgent.exe using 99% cpu resources. I have to install safari and turn off comodo firewall and defense+ to register a forum acct to post this.

Does anyone have the same problem?

Try setting D+ to safe mode (if not already), start firefox now.
Does firefox start faster?

Next you should do a scan for possible infections, download some scanners (google it…)
Try super anti spyware, if you already used that try some other stuff, eg a online scanner.

If you are confident that your computer are clean, then check your firefox version.
I dubt this will help, but If you use firefox 2 or older, switch it for firefox 3.

And one other thing you could do if its still laggy, is to check firefox plugins.
Deactivate all of them, (just temporary to see if it boots quicker) there is cases were extensions has coursed lag.

Hello, First post here!

I’m also getting this resource hog issue with cmdagent.exe. I saw on another forum suggesting to disabled automatic updates since the program will continually attempt to find a new version if the connection to the server keeps failing or will continually attempt to run the corrupted downloaded update(Forget which one it was). However, in my case, I’ve disabled automatic updats and still have issues.

I’m using 1 Anti-virus program and 3 Anti-spyware programs. None of them detected any harmful programs on my system.

I also don’t have any plugins for Firefox…

I have similar problem in my old Win XP Home laptop. However, I am running Chrome instead of FireFox. My system runs very slow and nearly freezes several times in a day. I look up the Task Manager only to find cmdAgent.exe eating up most of the RAM.

Can anyone help?

I was having the somewhat same problem (cmdagent.exe hogged up my max. internet bandwidth) while using 3.11. But when I updated that problem disappeared.

When I went to sign in to my PC this morning I got the message that a problem had occurred with cmdagent.exe and Comodo needed to close. I exited the message box and instead of signing in I rebooted thinking that should solve it. On reboot I checked the AV database update number which was at 0. I noticed that the red light on my PC was flashing almost continually so opened Task Manager and saw that cmdagent.exe was clocking between 30 and 100% of my CPU. Thinking that this was possibly the AV updates installing I left it alone and when it stopped flashing and cmdagent had decreased to 504k abou ten minutes later I then checked the AV database number to find it was up to date at v2430. I suggest next time any of you have these high CPU usages with cmdagent that you check the AV database number and see if the two events are connected.

I too get the same problem started with firefox but now all round. Tried booting into Linux and removing cmdagent.exe then only can boot the desktop. Repairing the setup to get the cmdagent.exe back started the problem again.

BiDefender scan reported problem in a file by heuristics but canot remove or disinfect it. Here it is please have a look.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Please read here;msg332540#msg332540


I have had this problem for awhile using version I started with the later 2.x versions of the firewall and have used earlier 3.0 versions as well. Upgrading to newer versions is too much work at the moment, and this version is very satisfactory as it is.

After reading a lot of these forums, as well as forums on other tech sites, I think the problem is due to the DEFENSE+ “My Pending Files” collection. When the number of files in this section is low, there is no problem with CPU usage. When the number is very large, cmdagent.exe begins to eat CPU time like crazy.

I don’t know the reason for this, other than that it appears that cmdagent.exe periodically must DO something with any files found in “My Pending Files.” The more files attended to by cmdagent.exe, the longer high CPU usage occurs.

My notebook has two processors, so that when cmdagent.exe runs wild, it uses 50% (typically) of the CPU time. It does this for a couple of minutes or so, then stops. Several minutes later it repeats this behavior, and most likely, it will do this until the machine is turned off. It will begin again after some time after restarting.

Most of the files collected by DEFENSE+ for “My Pending Files” are innocuous, and shouldn’t even be included in the list, but it’s likely that those in charge of Comodo, either technical types, or possibly those with marketing clout prefer to grab everything that changes during the course of operating a machine, so that it gets higher security grades.

Whatever the reason, selecting the “All” check mark and choosing “Remove” to delete all of the collected items will eliminate the problem. Trying to find a single problem file among several thousand is an exercise in futility, don’t you know? (Note that the amount of time to delete several thousand items is roughly the amount of time DEFENSE+ takes to do whatever it is doing while hogging the CPU, whatever that means.)

Hope this is of some help.