cmdAgent.exe hogs cpu usage

Hello World, 1st post, I’ve been using comodo for about 1 year plus now, but recently i’ve been getting a lot of problems with this Defense plus thingy.

CmdAgent.exe seems to hog my cpu, jumping from 80+% to 99% all the time when i run firefox.exe. It all started when i tried to clear my firefox cache and now I cannot use firefox, my computer freezes and I can’t even shutdown normally, it takes about 20 minutes for me to issue a command for the system to restart, and when it does, everything works fine again.

But the moment i run firefox, my whole system becomes excruciatingly slow, ctrl-alt-del shows cmdAgent.exe using 99% cpu resources. I have to install safari and turn off comodo firewall and defense+ to register a forum acct to post this.

Does anyone have the same problem?

try disabling antivirus realtime???


I have the same problem exactly. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling CIS, cleaning the register, etc., and nothing. In the older versions of CIS there is no problem. ¿You agree?

If you disable the realtime antivirus you’re unprotected. I think this is not a solution.