cmdagent.exe high use of CPU

I am experiencing an issue with cmdagent.exe
This file some times jumps to “life” and start using to much CPU and HDD.
It usually happens after boot and sometimes during the day.
I am only using my PC for Office and Internet.

I use Process Explorer by Sysinternals to monitor what happens, so i did a print screen of cmdagent.exe performance.
This print screen was taken after 15 of PC work, i only surfed my usual news website and opened office.
CPU and HDD performance was not seen during program loading.

HDD is brand new and i my CPU is dual core with 2 Gb of memory.

I use Google Desktop (desktop search engine) but Process Explorer didn’t show its activity.
There are no other security products on my PC. Windows firewall is disabled.

I would like to mention that is noticed this in other security products i used: Avira, Dr.Web, BitDeffender.
I suspect this is kind of “stealth” scanning approach, if i am not mistaken BitDeffender even advertise it as a feature (its so “live” that i uninstalled BitDeffender, 60 minutes after install, sorry, i need my pc to work).

Other Comodo product such as System cleaner also advertise its “live” clean technology.

But that’s my guess: It can be a bug or can be a feature.

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In the meanwhile i added two executables to exclusion list so that CIS will not be bothered with their High activity:

  1. Google Desktop
  2. Memopal Online backup.

I also attached my CIS antivirus settings, i don’t see anything unusual.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Please see this FAQ here.

I will read this.
Whats makes analysis problematic is that i don’t know what CIS is scanning.
Is there a way?
maybe some program is interfering and CIS is working to hard because of that program?

Best to read through the FAQ and see if any things are applicable to to your machine first

Best wishes