cmdagent.exe high cpu usage while opening firefox [RESOLVED]

well…i know the high cpu usage has been an issue from the 2.x version. this issue came to my attention recently.

my laptop (1.72G cpu + 1.5GB ram + 80G hd) has windows and all its patches installed (not long ago). as usual, i chose to use CFP as my network firewall (along with D+). everything was fine at the beginning. after a few days, firefox got slower and slower (a couple of other applications also got slow down but not that seriuos).

i tried to remove all firefox’s extensions. after that, firefox went back to normal. cmdagent.exe won’t take much cpu resources at all. if i move all the extension back, the problem comes back too.

i also tried to uninstall firefox and re-install it and all its extensions. firefox worked perfectly at the first a few days or a couple of weeks. after that, the problem came back.

now, every time when i start firefox, i need to wait about 20 minutes to get it up and running; and another very long time to wait until cmdagent.exe stops using all the cpu resources. during this period, the computer respenses very slowly and sometimes freeze.

i’m just wondering if there is a solid solution for this problem? by the way, i don’t wanna remove CFP from my computer for sure.

i just turned off D+. the problem solved…is there a way to avoid turning off D+ and also get my firefox running normally?

First of all its not Comodo or D+ causing your issue. If you search through the forums you will find that I have told other people how to fix this. First of all be sure that Firefox is selected as a web browser under the firewall policy and trusted under D+. Firefox becomes corrupt ans slow over time. If you Google it you will find out. You need to completely uninstall Firefox. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode and after removing it then reboot. Download and install Firefox 3.01 not 2.0. More about uninstalling Firefox here.

thanks, Vettetech. after i did what you suggested, now these two software work peacefully. :BNC :BNC :BNC

the only thing i didn’t do in the past was that i didn’t set firefox as a web browser in firewall rules…

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