cmdagent.exe high CPU on Driver install.

I am running W7 Ultimate x64 fully up to date. When I plug in a USB stick and Windows starts to scan and install drivers cmdagent.exe jumps to 25% (one of my cores) and stays there for minutes. When I searched the forum for high CPU usage by cmdagent, I was told to disable Automatically Update virus DB for Real Time scans, but this offered no help. When I installed my printer, it must have taken 15 minutes to install the drivers. This behavior is fairly new. I hope someone can offer some help. Thanks and enjoy, John.

Drivers get only installed once; when one first plugs in a USB drive. Starting from that assumption my guess would be it is the AV just having a hard time working. If that is the case; see what happens when you disable the AV Real Time scanner?

EricJH, thanks for your reply. It is definitely the Real Time scanner. When I turn it off and plug in a stick that has not seen this system, the driver is installed essentially instantly. I think this is a problem. This behavior is new in a recent release. I do clean installs of my system regularly and this is the first time I have encountered this. Any help? Thanks and enjoy, John.

The problem I think is with the sheer size of the AV database. That makes CIS slower when accessing an amount of files.

The upcoming 5.8, currently in beta, will have a more compact database size and will make CIS perform better.

This doesn’t seem right that it should be taking QUITE this long to install drivers.

I’d start by going to Device Manager with Show Hidden Devices enabled (special Environment Variable) and seeing what evil might be lurking there.

Thanks, EricJH, but I point out again that this is new behavior and did not occur on earlier versions. Surely the DB is larger, but not that much. I suspect a problem.

Thanks, laserfan, but no evil lurking in my machine. I have done many installs on this machine and never seen this problem before. Something new is going on with CIS. As I stated, if I turn off Real Time scanning, driver installs happen very quickly as it used to do.

Thanks and enjoy, John.

PS Why does my login always say an error has occurred and when I try to post it always says my session has timed out? The forum also thinks that a Reply is a new topic (with no subject). Are these IE9 problems?

Did you recently install another security program?

If Windows keeps on installing the same driver over and over again then you need to look into that. Chances are that something went wrong with the installation of that driver. Uninstall the driver and hook the USB stick again to have it installed again. Hopefully now properly.

PS Why does my login always say an error has occurred and when I try to post it always says my session has timed out? The forum also thinks that a Reply is a new topic (with no subject). Are these IE9 problems?
Try cleaning cache and cookies and restart IE. See if that helps or not.

EricJH, thanks. This is a fresh and clean install. I have never had any other security SW on this machine. The only time I have a problem is the first time this install sees a device. When I plug a stick that has already had the drivers installed, it opens immediately. Windows is not installing drivers for which a driver has already been installed. Please remember, this is NEW behavior. It did not happen a couple of months ago when I did my last fresh/clean install.
I will play with my browser, but I suspect some forum problems with IE9 and would like an IE9 user to comment. The time out problem seems to be associated with using the Review button.

Thanks and enjoy, John.

Thanks for your clear description.

Let’s try to narrow down the problem as far as we can. When did you notice this new behaviour; what date? If I understand you correctly that was after you did a clean Windows installation. Is that correct?

In the old and the new Windows installation you have the full suite installed (with the AV). Is that correct?

EricJH, I did a fresh/clean install on 08-23-2011. I then installed CIS and allowed it to DL the DB. I powered up my printer (all drivers had been injected into the Install.wim). At this time I noticed that it was taking an inordinate amount of time to complete. A couple of days ago I looked into this delay by inserting a USB stick and seeing the same delay. I have run CIS complete with AV for some time now. The Windows I had installed before this one is the same.

This one is just more up to date with injected updates and more current applications such as Java, etc. Currently I have 5.5.195786.1383 with DB 9971 installed. I DLed the installer (cispremium_installer.exe) before I started the install and saved it to a data partition.

As soon as the install completed, I installed CIS. I suspect I did not see the same problem on the previous install because I was well past the driver install phase before this version of CIS was available.
Hope this helps. Thanks and enjoy, John.

EDIT: I set Compatibility Mode in IE9 when I replied and did not have the timeout problem I have described.

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A similar thing is noticed in this bug report: . The user is also on Win 7 x64. He is on SP 1. You?

EricJH, yes SP1 and all current updates. I notice that Terepin says this has been happening for some time. Seems as if this is the same as what I am observing. What does he mean by

it has nothing to do with CIS!
I will reply to his thread with my findings. Thanks again. Enjoy, John.

Has this been corrected? It does not seem to be occurring now. Enjoy, John.