cmdagent.exe hammering drive , why would a fire wall do this?

I’ve got the often reported problem of the Comodo product constantly reading the disk with the cmdagent.exe process. I’ve tried deinstalling, and installing the new version, to see the same thing happen.
I did not want the anti-virus part, as I have Kapersky for that at the moment.

First question: I want a traffic firewall, nothing more. Why on earth is it scanning my files ? I didn’t install Comodo anti virus, so it has no business reading my drive with such ferocity.
Is it an interaction with Kapersky ?
Will the issue go away if I use Microsoft’s free virus protection instead ?

A plain fire wall is all I ask. I can’t recommend Comodo to anyone with it’s strange behaviors right now.

my system: Win 7 64 ultimate. Comodo firewall 5.12.252301.2551 free. Kapersky AV 2010
I’ve turned off most defence+ options. Still no love.
Please Help.

How is PC Tools Firewall Plus , will it act as a basic fire wall without thrashing my disks?

I don’t think I’m going to keep the Comodo thing, it’s too mysterious for me.
Firewalls that scan disks ? What’ll they think of next, AV that defragments disks ? Sheesh.

What are the symptomes?

Did you disable the cloud features in defense+?

Is it impossible that there are leftovers of security softwares (like not uninstalling all components of comodo antivirus, or another one)?

When did this start to happen?

Did you install just the firewall aspect (which would contain defense+, but not antivirus)?

Symptoms: resource monitor shows cmdagent.exe readling multiple files at a time for periods of time, tens of megabytes per second.

I did disable much of the defense+ features. I did disable cloud feature as well.

If it helps, I do a lot of image processing of hundreds of files on my system.

What exactly is cmdagent.exe doing anyways ? If I don’t have Comodo FW installed, why would it even care what is in the files , virus or otherwise. It’s none of it’s concern as a firewall , am I right ?
I want a check box that says : never scan files.
If I had a way, I’d love to block it from ever getting a file handle from that disk ever… that would stop it !
Joking aside, I’d like to get to the bottom of the mysterious file reading.

I did a de-install of an earlier version of Comodo and installed the new version, as suggested by someone in hopes to clean the problem up, but it didn’t work.

Also, I turned off auto-update in Comodo, but it still pops up an updater dialog that says ‘static’ .

How much cpu time does your cmdagent exe use?

Mine did 50 seconds, while the machine was running for lots of hours.
I dont use the antivirus. Only defense+ and firewall. No sandbox from comodo.

Did you make exceptions in each of your security tools for the other tool? (Though, dont use two things of a kind).

it does it’s scanning for several min. at a time, and while this is happening the avp.exe kapersky process is not active, so I don’t think it’s an interaction problem.
cmdagent seems to be scanning dll’s and exe’s . It sure looks like a virus scanner !

Maybe I should de-install my virus scanner entirely and see if it goes away.

Q: is cmdagent also used for virus scanning in Comodo ? Even though I did not ask for Comodo virus protection, maybe it got turned on somehow.

Please make sure that there are no left overs of previously uninstalled security programs around. Not all uninstallers do a proper job. Left over applications, drivers or services can cause all sort of “interesting effects”.

Try using removal tools for those programs to remove them. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .