cmdagent.exe grabs some directories and never release again! [resolved by v2.4]

When I use ‘handle’ by sysinternals
cmdagent.exe is always handling some directories for example,
J:\Opera7 (My Opera browser directory) and when I exit Opera,
cmdagent.exe still grabs it and never release.
Is it a bug or on spec.?

No it is not a bug. It watches for the entries for change to recalculate checksums. This is to make your internet connection speed faster.

When you delete all files in that directory and delete that directory as well, it will be released.

Thanks, egemen. But I cannot accept it.

I use drive encryption tool ‘BestCrypt’ by Jetico for drive letter J: and
CPF grabs some J:.… directories. So, I cannot unmount J: drive at all.
I think that if CPF grabs removable media drive, It cannot be unconnect safely.
Off course, I cannot delete all files included J:, you see?

I accept lower speed of connecting internet, and please tell me
how not to watching entries.
Old version CPF does not grab them. I want that environment back!

Hmm. This is a problem. This type of behavior has been reported before as some of our users could not delete some directories. But yours is more serious. We will be changing this behavior asap.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

I too have had this issue. cmdagent.exe keeps several folders on my USB drive open, preventing me from shutting down the USB drive to remove it safely. It is reproducable 100% of the time and I have to kill cmdagent.exe before I can remove my drive. Currently running Comodo firewall

I am having the same problem as well. CPF won’t allow me to eject my USB Flash Drive (U3 or standard drive). I must kill the cmdagent service, stop the drive, and then restart the service.

Not a clean way to manage a USB drive.

I too have this problem. I manage a range of web stores, and to change the store I am working on, the directorys need to be renamed. However, after editing one, the only way to rename the directory is to reboot or kill cmdagent.exe which is starting to become a pain.

I have also had the problem when trying to update some software, the update fails due to cmdagent.exe locking on to some directories.

Any idea when this problem will be sorted? Or is there another way to free the directories?

This issue has forced me to uninstall Comodo until it is fixed. I use two USB drives daily and this is a major inconvenience. Unfortunately I have gone back to ZoneAlarm.

this issue has been resolved and will be available on v 2.4 due out shortly before the year end.