cmdagent.exe freezes computer and generates event ID 1000

Hello Comodo Community,

Here’s the situation:

I’m using my computer (XP Pro SP2, P4 1.4ghz, IE7) such as typing a web address into IE7 or launching WMP 11, or clearing out my internet temp files and suddenly I notice that my system is not responding. I can move my mouse around but nothing responds. Eventually I forced to reboot my computer.

The event viewer records the same error message:

Application error
Category: (100)
Event ID: 1000

Description: Faulting application cmdagent.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x00690074.

This problem has happened 3 times in the last four days starting on 03/21 with the last incident today 03/24. :-\

I have searched the forums but was unsuccessful in finding any referrence to this issue. I would greatly appreciate any help in resolving it. ???

Thanks, (:WAV)


Hi max2,

I would recommed downloading and installing the latest release - V2.8.18.184. This can be downloaded either fromthe Comodo site ( or through these forums.

There was a very similar problem to the one you’ve experienced with some earlier versions.

hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your help! I was kinda hoping someone like you would answer my post . . . :■■■■

One thing however: when I went to the download page for the latest version of CPF, it only had vers. 2.4 – am I missing it?


DOH! Typo! Current release version, not 2.8 as I originally posted.

Sorry for that.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ahhh so I’m NOT losing my mind – Phew! I wanted to keep what little I had left so this is good news (:WIN)

Since I already have the latest version of CPF installed, I wonder why I would experience a bug that should be corrected? Is my luck just that bad? (:SAD)