cmdagent.exe /firefox problem

I just read this post-;msg192213#msg192213

and this is not an acceptable solution. I currently have 23,900 files awaiting review, but Comodo is so unresponsive on my dual core 1.5 that I can’t clear them. I can’t even exit the ■■■■ thing, because I get access denied when I try to kill it.

Anyway, this needs to be actually fixed; this hack will not do.

Your using D+ in Clean PC Mode which is why you have pending files. Waiting till you have so many is not Comodo’s fault. Just purge alittle at a time and till your done with them. Then put D+ in Safe mode. The solution to that link is not a Comodo fix but a user fix.

and plus, when comodo did finally get to a point where I could take a look at the files to purge them (rendering my system unusable as it built the list), it crashed both times I tried to purge.

sorry guys, uninstalling…

Why didn’t you do as I suggested.