CMDAgent.exe Excessive Memory Usage

I really love Comodo Firewall, however the one thing I really don’t like is the amount of memory that CMDAgent.exe consumes over time!

I recently had to restart my PC because CMDAgent.exe was using over 2GB of RAM!

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix for this?

I am running Windows 10 and the latest version of Comodo Firewall.

Hello SamboNZ. I have never seen anything much above a 100MB. Have you tried running the diagnostic ? From the dashboard → Question mark → Support → diagnostics. If no problems are found then trying changing your configuration under advanced setting to another one and then changing it back to the original. If that does not fix the issue then a uninstall/reinstall may be your only help.

Did you have another third party firewall installed prior to Comodo. What security software came pre-installed with your PC ? It may be a driver issue. If you had Norton or McAfee it maybe a faulty uninstall. You can try this if all else fails. It is probably your issue.

McAfee :

Norton :MajorGeeks.Com - MajorGeeks

Uninstall Comodo firewall. Then run the tool for the software that came with your PC (if any - other tools are available from other vendors).

Reboot and reinstall Comodo firewall

I remember having exactly the same problem some time ago, i use an old version 5.1 firewall but i remember at the time many people having the same issue, i remember finding a fix at that time but i forget what it was. I use AVIRA free anti virus, so if your using this maybe this is whats conflicting, i found the answer on google at the time, sorry i can’t remember what it was!

@sAyer: I tried both of those things but there was no change unfortunately. Do you have any other suggestions?

@nona1: Let me know if you remember what the fix was!

I’ve had this problem since a lot of different versions of Comodo, maybe somewhere around 4 or 5 it started.

200mb for cmdagent is a joke compared to what I’ve had happen often, for me it goes up to 2~4gb depending on how long I leave my pc running without a restart.
I’m not sure if it because I have 32gb ram but even before that it went easily above 200mb, though due to the 3gb limit on my previous pcs it might have been holding it self back after reaching that much.

I just recently installed v10 of the free version of Comodo AV + Firewall, left everything else out, especially the Yahoo opt out but also the Dragon and Buddy things. Just the AV and Firewall which how I always installed Comodo btw, even before either of them were a thing.

Recently I’ve thought of looking into the issue of ProcExp64 constantly triggering HIPS logs and after somehow managing that to stop I hoped it would also stop cmdagent from hogging memory but nope, when I fixed it it was at 240mb and now it’s at 330mb after only half a day or so.

I also had no other AV software or the like installed prior to Comodo, I always have installed my OS, Win7x64 in this case, and then right away Comodo, so it shouldn’t be a conflict of that kind.
But I have no idea where to look for issues because the diagnostics have never told me anything useful and in one case when the suite got somehow half broken and was mucking up it didn’t even see an issue to begin with.

And yet over all these pcs and installations it’s always been the same, endless memory hogging :<
Only reason it never caused a system crash so far is probably because I choose to have so much memory available.

Hi BloodyRain,

Supposedly fixed with v10. They were unable to replicate it with latest version. If you still experience such issue, it is recommended to report it as bug. It’s not a known issue.

Hope it helps.

Running the version of Internet Security Pro 10, Windows 7 Pro 64bit, 32GB memory, Window’s update current.

Beginning 5/23, my daughter’s computer began crashing with low memory problems.

I updated to today, and then, Using RAMMap.exe and Process Explorer Memory graph, I found that it is cmdagent.exe

Every few minutes cmdagent.exe would start up and rise to the top of the CPU usage list. I’m sorry I didn’t notice CPU % because I was focusing on memory, but it didn’t slow her computer and I don’t think CPU usage is an issue.

The memory allocated to cmdagent.exe just crept up. I rebooted my daughter’s computer each time physical memory used exceeded 20GB.

All the while watching the memory usage of running processes (using RAMMap), only the Cmdagent.exe process’ memory allocation increased and seemed to account for all but about 4.1 GB of total memory in use.

There seems to be no report of this on the forum.

Welcome to the forums, rjdill.
Please create a bug report with required format.