Cmdagent.exe eating CPU

Hi, this is my first time posting here.

First off I’ve been using COMODO for roughly 5-6 months now (about the same time I quit WoW ;D) and I haven’t had a problem with comodo.

However just lately I’ve got a bit bored of the xbox360 and deicided to play on Supreme Commander: Forged alliance, after getting all patched up I fired it up, apart from the lag you get from playing skirmishes with all A.I’s with a 750 unit cap all was fine.

However since about 1-3 days ago I’ve noticed a very strange lag that would manifest itself even whilst the game was loading. Naturally I looked at the task manager and found cmdagent.exe using 47-51 of the CPU (intel core 2 duo E6750 2.66ghz).

Whilst cmdagent.exe was using 48-52 of the cpu, the comodo firewall system tray icon would be unresponsive for 1-3 minutes, sometimes around this point the CPU load would drop after clicking on the menu. However it now seems to be effecting the comodo GUI aswell now.

Its almost random, I’ve spent most this time writing with the cpu around 50% all being used by cmdagent.exe and then it suddenly stops…


Using comodo firewall pro with defense version:
Eset’s Nod32 v3 3.0.657.0 with uptodate virus sig
spyware terminator on guard feature
(theres a possible confiction?)

Intel E6750 core 2 duo 2.66ghz
2gb ram pc6400 (i think)
nvidia 8800gts 320mb (enough to run supreme commander)

Spyware Terminator is bloated garbage so dump it. Did you read my thread on gaming. I play tons of games with cpu usage out of the norm. Do you have the HIPS in ST enabled?

Yes I’ve read the gaming threads and the thread about cmdagent.exe in comodo v2. And yes I do have HIPS in ST enabled, think I’l disable it…

as I said it kinda random, it happen whilst booting up a game and then again about an hour later.

The execute file (the game) is part of my trusted software vendors.

You CANNOT use 2 HIPS programs together. Adding a game to trusted software vendors does nothing. Adding a game to the firewall and D+ as trusted does. Uninstall Spyware Terminator period. Open up Comodo and go to D+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy and add your games executables. You did not read my thread. I actually manually add all my game exe’s to the firewall and D+ as trusted. There are about 50 different games I play.

Well I will un-install it asap.

However I would appreciate if you don’t (within reason) call me a liar, after opening that link you sent I had two tabs open that where exactly the same…

Quite a interesting thread I thought, someone asking for help on a pirated game and interesting mistake made by someone else.

My first post in that thread is whats important. Never called you a liar but you sked for help so I sent you my thread which no where in there states anything about adding games to trusted software vendors. There is also a sticky note here.

Never run 2 HIPS. IMO, A Good AV & CFP 3 is all you need.

Defense+ is one off the most powerful & fundamental HIPS today.