cmdagent.exe downloads huge amounts of data every day


using CIS 5.5.195786.1383 on XP sp3 32-bit US-English (suggestion: make it possible to copy text from the about box)
On my system, only the firewall is active. AV/Sandbox/Defense+ are set to Disabled. I have a scheduled virus scan once a week.

Two or three weeks ago I noticed that when no app was opened, the CIS tray icon showed traffic. I opened active connections view and to my surprise I saw that cmdagent.exe (C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdagent.exe) was downloading something. I decided CIS updates itself, no problem.
However since then I see this strange thing every day, sometimes twice per day - cmdagent.exe downloads 100+ MB of something! These can’t be updates (update check says I’m up to date), so what it is?

The destination IP is , port 80 - this is located in the UK.
So what’s causing this? Is it some update that it fails to receive in full and tries again and again? Is it normal?


well can I then configure cmdagent.exe as a blocked application? Will this affect the functionality of the firewall? Because these downloads of something are really annoying, while this happens everything that uses internet hangs for a couple of minutes or works as if I’m connected via a phone modem.
So is it safe to block cmdagent.exe ? If it’s responsible for updates, I can set the firewall to Disabled state and perform the updates manually.


It looks like CIS keeps on downloading the complete database and subsequent updates. May be because the database is corrupted.

Try downloading the latest available full database as described in Where can i download the latest full AV database?.

Then download the incremental updates after this and see what happens.

Thanks Eric,

I did that.
Before doing anything, my bases.cav was 220,711,563 bytes.
I downloaded the latest full which was a bit smaller, 219,992,076 bytes, and replaced the file.
Then I rebooted and run an update. After new updates were merged into bases.cav, it became 220,711,562 bytes - or one byte less than it initially was.
Not sure if one byte difference means something for this kind of file.

Anyway we’ll see. I’ll post in a couple of days whether the problem remains or not. Thank you for the suggestion.

Exactly the same has happened to my pc. Started yesterday evening. Only just come home and found that its downloaded 10GB of updates continually over the last 24 hours.

And too boot, thats cost me £20+ with my ISP!!

Any one any the wiser as to why this has happened?

For the moment, I’ve disabled the auto-update in Comodo - hopefully this will stop it trying to download.

well, no problems for the last 3 days. Eric, you were right, thanks.

@Geebit - download the latest full database as described in the link in Eric’s post. BTW there’s no need to boot in safe mode, it’s enough to close CIS from the tray icon and then terminate cmdagent.exe from the task manager. Then replace bases.cav and reboot.

well I was too fast in reporting a success. Yesterday it started again and downloaded 200+ MB at least 2 times.

I disabled automatic updates.