cmdagent.exe crashes on login to account used to install CIS 3.9.95478.509

Okay, here’s the deal. Being the most knowledgeable person in my family when it comes to tech stuff, it often falls to me to take care of security, software upgrades, and various other things with the family computer.

So, since we’d all been having nothing but trouble with the preinstalled security software (namely, Norton Internet Security), the rest of the family asked me to find a different piece of security software - and after doing some research, I settled on Comodo (obviously :wink: ).

Now, for the most part, Comodo’s been running just fine - until recently, when I upgraded to the latest version: 3.9.95478.509 (XP/Vista x32)

Ever since then, whenever I log into my account, cmdagent.exe crashes. (The rest of the program seems to run just fine, it’s only that particular module that fails).

I tried repairing it with CIS’s built in diagnostic/repair tool, and even though it claims to have fixed the problem, cmdagent.exe still crashes on login.

Now here’s the really weird part of the problem - it doesn’t crash on any of the other accounts on this computer. My mother’s account, just fine. My father’s account, just fine. Even under the custom-created “Family Guest” account - which is essentially a locked-down Limited User account - every single module of Comodo runs perfectly.

(And now for the technical gubbins . . . )

CPU: AMD Athlon64 3200+

OS: XP Home SP2

Active security programs: Comodo Internet Security, Webroot Antivirus+Antispyware

Specific symptoms: cmdagent.exe crashes on login to account used to install Comodo Internet Security 3.9.95478.509 (XP/Vista x32). Attempted to reproduce with other accounts, symptoms seem limited to install account.

Attempted to resolve bug by: running built-in diagnostic/repair tool (didn’t work, obviously).

Firewall set to: Training Mode

Defense+ set to: Safe Mode

Type of account: Administrator

Please try a clean install of 3.9. Using the program updater from 3.8 to update to 3.9 is not always succesful. It is recommended not to use the configuration of 3.8 due to changes in 3.9.

Well, Eric, that seems to have fixed the problem.

I must admit, though, it seems kind of curious that this bug - whatever caused it - would only affect the account used to upgrade the software, and none of the other accounts on the same computer.