cmdagent.exe cpu usage at 35% average when using Internet

Edit: I can’t upload a jpg screenshot. The error is “Upload folder is full…”. The image is only 140KB.

Comodo Firewall has worked pretty well. I have recently noticed the high cpu usage by cmdagent.exe usually a constant 30%-40% from Task Manager and Process Explorer from Sysinternals. The high usuage usually disappears after I quit any Internet related program after a few minutes. See the screenshot included. I’m not sure if a new software caused it or not, but these are the programs that get started at each boot:

Comodo Firewall v2.3.6.81 with Certified Applications Database v1.2
NOD32 v2.71 with that new anti-stealth rootkit protection enabled
Microsoft Desktop Search 3.0
Trinket (A mini-program that interfaces with Altiris Software Virtualization Solution 2.0 SP1). All layers are currently deactivated.
and whatever you see in the screenshot.

Windows XP SP2 Professional (all security updates installed as of today)
1GB RAM and Dual Core Pentium-D

Notice that essentials/security programs are NOT installed using the virtualization solution software. I am currently using Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0 if that helps (with same results). Connected to Internet using WiFi (with and without WPA).