cmdagent.exe cpu usage 100% while using CyberScrub

Work with a lot of classified files and that’s one reason I like Comodo’s Defense+. Old files and folders are wiped using CyberScrub Privacy Suite. The problem I am having is if I run CyberScrub with Defense+ in the active state, cmdagent.exe uses 100% cpu. The entire system locks up. I can run CyberScrub if I disconnect from the internet, deactivate Defense+, reboot then kill the cmdagent.exe process.

After running CyberScrub, as you all know, I have to check to activate Defense+ then reboot. Is there anyway I can get CyberScrub and cmdagent.exe to cooperate with each other?

The conflict with the two seems to only happen if I have more than 10mg of information to wipe.

Any ideas?