cmdagent.exe continuously increasing its private bytes allocation

Hi all. Recently I noticed very large committed memory amounts on my laptop. Upon examination with the process explorer I saw that cmdagent.exe had ~7 gb of private bytes while the working set was at about 200-300 mb. I let it be and after a few days the firewall crashed with a memory error. I immediately rebooted and after that cmdagent was at about 200mb for both private bytes and working set. Ever since the private bytes has been steadily increasing (it’s been a few days and it is already a bit more than 1 gb) with the working set remaining at normal levels. This behavior persists between reboots, cmdagent starts with the previous private bytes level and continues consuming memory.

I am using windows 8.1 and the firewall version I should note that I also often get permission requests from taskhost.exe which appear and disappear instantly, I am not sure if these two issues are related.

Can you check your Comodo Logs and see if anything is getting contained or blocked?

If so, can you post how often the logs are reporting it?

Also, is possible please try and Reset the Container.

Note: This will delete all files in the container.

Hi Hebdomeros,

Thanks, please check your personal message and provide the logs requested for analyzing.