cmdagent.exe constant scanning [SOLVED]

I have a new computer with Windows Vista x64 and Comodo Internet Security 3.5.57173.439. Every about two minutes, high disk activity occurs for about 30 seconds. I opened Vista monitoring console and realized, that cmadgent.exe is reading lots of files. (see enclosed screenshot - biggest red rectangle - it’s not in english, but I thing it’s clear). It seems that cmdagent.exe do some background filesystem scanning. I have Comodo in Clean PC mode, tried to switch to Safe mode too, but problem is still here. Also during this “scan”, lots of page errors (thousands per second) occur for cmdagent.exe (lowest red rectangle on screenshot). CPU is used just for about 30% (fiirst rectangle on screenshot).

This situation repeats every two minutes and it is really annoying and if I do some work, it also slows down system. Can I somehow disable this background “scanning”? Is it normal? Except this, Comodo seems to be great product but this one thing can result in changing Comodo for some other product.

PC configuration:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
RAM: 4GB DDR2 800
HDD: 2x WD 640GB in hw RAID1
MB: Gigabyte EP45-UD3R

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May be it is reacting to the search indexer, superfetch or readyboot activity. See if at the same time one of these or other processes are active. I have seen this happening as well on my system.

Thanks for kick. Problem was probably with Launchy indexer. I disabled automatic indexing and it seems that unwanted hdd activity from cmdagent.exe is gone.