cmdagent.exe constant high processor usage

The process is constantly using around 25-30% of my processor (Core i3). I am doing nothing extraordinary, just browsing the web. The same situation is on my other notebook (Core 2 Duo).

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

On my laptop which I think has an i3 something cavwp.exe uses at least 15% at all times, on my desktop with an i5 4670k this doesn’t happen. Since I rarely ever use my laptop I haven’t spent any time troubleshooting it. I do know that I’ve seen a few other people saying they have issues with high CPU usage from CIS. So far I haven’t seen a fix for this.

The issue disappeared when I disabled HIPS, so thats where the problem probably lies.

In the past there has been a problem where constant memory access attempts of an application to Comodo processes would drive the up the CPU usage of cmdagent.exe. Do you still have the D+ logs ? They may be hold an indication to what’s happening.