cmdagent.exe consistently running at 25%


Not sure from when, but cmdagent.exe is consistently running at 25%. I’m running Windows 7 SP1 on a Quad Q6600

I’ve searched through your forum and can’t find anything as to why this is.

I’m running the latest version of comodo with latest virus databases from today.

Is this a bug or is that what it supposed to do now?


Do you have other security programs running in the background that may interfere? If so try adding the installation folder of CIS and the other program to the exclusions.

Also run clean up tools for security programs you had installed in the past. This is to be see if possible left overs of them are playing a role or not.

When the above are not helping you can run Windows Resource Monitor and see if there are processes (either by looking at CPU or disk activity) that are consistently active when cmdagent.exe is active.

I have no other security apps installed, and am having the exact same issue as the original poster. 25% CPU, just started within the past couple weeks.

Can you check with resource monitor what cmdagent.exe is doing. See if you can find a relation with disk usage. Let it show disk usage showing highest disk usage on top. Sometimes that may shine a light. But if it is continuously running resource monitor may not be the best tool.

I was having a similar issue… With CIS av+fw i was getting cmdagent.exe using 5-10% cpu and 100% of my disk. I uninstalled and tried reinstalling, and the same thing happened. I then uninstalled and have tried using AVG free and comodo FW, and the cmdagent.exe went away, but now the process “comodo internet security helper” is doing the same thing. >_< really frustrated and unsure what to do… I just installed Windows 8.1 pro a week or two ago and it only started doing this recently.