cmdagent.exe connections?? (V3.0.13.268 X32)

First of all, I don’t know if this is normal because I don’t know what it does.

I’ve created some images to try to get clear what I’m asking.

Ok, I start the computer and cmdagent.exe does not appear in TCPView.

I supose normal. Now I try to see if there is an update of Comodo, using Comodo’s update. Two cmdagent.exe conections appears. Don’t know if two connections is normal. These connections, after the update finishes, do not end. Don’t know if it’s normal that it doesn’t end.

And finally, my computer was on for some hours, using emule. Turned off emule, looked at TCPView and saw 8 connections of cmdagent.exe. Is this normal?? Is cmdagent.exe used for updating comodo?? For something else?? Is it normal to remain open??Is it normal to open two or more connections??

Thank you. :THNK

Dunno, but you could keep the windows NOT maximized & use ALT+PrintScrn to capture just the active window…:slight_smile:

Didn’t know that. I will. Thanks nimd4. (:WIN)

Does this happen to anyone else??