cmdagent.exe causing window to bootup slowly - 43.1 secs ( v4.1.15 x64 )

First off I wanted to say that I love CIS product and the fact that they offer it in freeware. ;D

cmdagent.exe causes window to startup slowly - 43.1 secs :frowning:

I never could understand why and how people were saying that they got their window 7 booted up in 15 to 30 secs. It made me really jealous I must say. On my pc the bios just flashes by and stopped at window 7 logo for 40+ secs and today I finally saw an event viewer ( Performance Information and Tools ) that told me.

It is not like that I have an slow pc either for it is an AMD 635 CPU with 4 GB ram, GT 240 video and 60 GB SSD.

Not sure what I need to do to get it resolved.

Thanks for your help.


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Please add the required information about your system as described in IMPORTANT: HOW TO SUBMIT BUGS (read this if you want them fixed). The devs will only look into this when there is enough information to be able to reproduce the scenario.