cmdagent.exe bug in Vista Business

This morning, when I booted up my PC, theres this thing that says something like “oops, you found a bug in cmdagent.exe,” so I clicked on don’t report, and the CIS icon on the bottom-right has a red sign instead of the green one next to it. This was weird cause it had only happened today. I am using CIS Version 3.5.54375.427 and i have WIndows Vista SP1 32-bit. I have my firewall in Safe Mode and my Defense+ in Clean PC Mode. If at all possible, can you fix this bug. Thank you.

Edited: I uninstalled and reinstalled CIS. Problem solved but the bug may happen to other people.

Too bad you didn’t send the bug report. Please do so next time. Only this way the bug can be analysed.

sorry, forgot to (:SAD)

Just wait for the next crash… (:KWL)