cmdagent.exe behaviour configuration - question

I have CIS installed on several computers. Having noticed the behavior of cmdagent.exe (occassional high cpu, disk and network usage, sometimes problematic) I did search this forum and found out what it supposingly does.
So is it only doing cloud scanning and application behaviour analysis (or sth like that) ?
If I disable these should it stay on low CPU/disk usage when none new apps/disks etc are used (and therefore scanned) ?

Regardless of the settings I have a suggestion that Comodo should allow user to schedule those activities when it takes up resources as it is an overall performance issue on older computers and still an issue on newer ones when for example benchark is running and score affected as a result. Some other high cpu/disk use situations (games and other apps) make the system suffer when comodo works in background at the same time.
Note: when Comodo is shutdown, cmdagent.exe process isn’t (and it can’t be killed) and it still might go for resources when unwanted.

PS can I duplicate this post in the suggestions forum? (this forum is far too fragmented)

I haven’t experienced these problems however there is a game mode that you can manually enable and should solve the problem your describing because while in that mode Comodo doesn’t check for updates or do scheduled scans

I try changing to game Mode, but cmdagent.exe use very high CPU process 90% (minimal 50%) :-[

FYI. In case you missed this thread

Cmndagent is the core of CIS, cfp.exe the GUI (roughly)

So disabling it is not at all wise

Best wishes