cmdagent.exe attempting to communicate...

I have noticed cmdagent.exe attempting to communicate with on port 80.
I don’t know why Comodo would be attempting this communication.
I am worried.
Is this bug or something?

I’m running latest version CIS 3.5.57173.439 on XPSP3.

It may be for the virus updater. I ran the IP through a whois lookup site: Whois Lookup Captcha . That IP address is part of range that is assigned to Akamai technologies.

Akamai is big hosting provider that hosts data for big companies. I wouldn’t be surprised if the AV database is managed by Akamai services. Nothing to worry about.

I recall that in the past, may be they still do, that AVG virus defs were hosted by Akamai. ATI drivers are stored on Akamai servers. In total it is said to host about one quarter of the total internet.

Some reading on Akamai: Bluetack Internet Security Solutions

Thank you for the quick replies.
I installed Firewall and Defense+,does not install AV.
Does Cmdagent.exe attempt to access even if AV is not installed?

CFP/D+ could also be looking up its whitelist/signed certificates. :slight_smile: