cmdagent.exe accesses files on hard disk in Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Q

Hello experts,

my CFP V 2.4. … , process cmdagent.exe:648 intensly accesses files on the hard disk in the folder accesses files on hard disk in C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\QuickTime\QTSystem.

My PC cannot connect to the internet in the mean time, the hard disk is spinning for ca. 30 seconds and

Filemon reports :
cmdagent.exe:648 READ C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\QuickTime\QTSystem\QuickTimeAuthoring.qtx SUCCESS
Many 100s of these lines appear in Filemon

Also other files are “scanned”:
C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player\libeay32.dll
C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\pcl4rast.dll
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Office10\MSO.DLL
and a lot more are “READ”.

This occurs on all PCs where I installed CFP.
The faster the system is the less you notice the scan on the hard disk files.

It everytime stops soon after I start Filemon which shows the accessed files as well as the process accessing the files.

Can I still trust CFP or does it do unallowed file scans on my hard disk?
Any explanation here?