cmdagent.exe 98% when "protected registry keys" is enabled

Hi, can anybody help?
When I select “Protected Registry Keys” in Defense+ / Defense+ Settings / Monitor Settings,
when I restart my PC cmdagent.exe process runs at 98% continually. I cant stop the process in Task Manager I get Access Denied.
Without this setting everything works fine??
I’m running Comodo Firewall v on a Windows XP SP2 with all updates.


Check on Defense+>Common Tasks>View Defense+ Events. There may be a record of the reason for the excessive activity. This kind of problem is often the result of a conflict with other software. Are you using the new release? It is a bug fix release and they want to know if it fixes the problems people have - like your high CPU usage. See

Thanks AnotherOne, I’ll checkit through and get back and reply result.

It should fix the problem, I had the same issue too…


Josh. 8)

Thanks AnotherOne and you too Josh, Problem SOLVED with trial version.