CMDAgent.exe 95-99% cpu usage?! Took me an hour to actually uninstall and use!

Darn, so I had Nod32 Smart Security trial and it ran out so I deleted it. I got Avast antivirus and then it said I need a firewall to I remember comodo and downloaded it. I was like great, as before I had vista and I really wanted comodo but at the time it didnt work with vista. So I downloaded it, and it was rediculously slow (this is not an old computer) with about 100% CPU usage. I would really like comodo but what is the problem?

Also this is V3 not V2.

Hi racedude, I had same problem with cmdagent.
Downloading Beta trial version worked for me.
Go to download trial version.
Note… The automatic updater may report new updates. Please disregard those messages until the official release.

Try upgrading to version While composing this message, I am monitoring cmdagent.exe’s cpu usage by using AnVir task manager and it registered 0% most of the time. I hope it will solve your problem (:CLP)