cmdagent.exe 100% CPU, how can I figure out what it is doing?


from time to time I check the running processes and catch cmdagent.exe consuming a full CPU core.
No, I don’t have firewalls/antiviruses installed from multiple vendors. It is a plain comodo firewall install on a Win10. The native windows firewall is turned off.

WHAT IS CMDAGENT DOING? There are no logs or anything, it seems like an infinite while loop on 80 threads that goes off at random times.
I’ve already tried turning off HIPS/firewall/auto updates, nothing influences this behavior. I don’t do anything weird when cmdagent.exe goes crazy.

Since I can’t kill or suspend cmdagent I have to restart the machine for it to go away. After a restart it is fine again, no significant cpu usage. For a while.

Yes, I already tried overwriting with a fresh install. No, it did not help. It’s really annoying that such a vital piece of software is not working reliably.

Hello asdfasdfasdfasdf,

Thank you for reporting.
Could you please check with latest CIS v12.2.1.6950 Beta 2.If it still persist’s in the sense Please let me know.

Note : While installing Beta version on your PC Please don’t forget to add the entries in Windows hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file.

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I’m not installing something from a forum link, especially if it needs editing my hosts file. I’ll install it from the main page when you fixed it.

Please explain what cmdagent.exe is doing that eats 100% CPU and 84 threads. Did you hide a crypto miner in there?

The link to the Beta version is valid and from a Comodo Staff Member, to help you and see if the Beta fixes your problem. The Hosts file needs to be modified temporarily to give access to the Comodo Beta servers . . . it’s your choice if you want to try it or not

The answer to your last question is NO

Hello asdfasdfasdfasdf,

Could you please check this issue with latest CIS v12.2.2.7036 and kindly share your feedback.
Have a nice day!

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