cmdagent.exe 100,000K virtual memory

cmdagent.exe is taking 110,000K virtual memory and is causing google chrome to crash. Any solutions?

how do you know it is causing chrome to crash? VM had nothing to do with ram usage. Please read here Virtual memory - Wikipedia , high virtual memory does not matter in my opinion.

Chrome says that it crashed because of lack of virtual memory and cmdagent is the highest (currently at over 200,00) so I assumed that was the problem.

What i cant understand is that cmdagent is running over 100.000k? If it is so why on my computer he is running around 2.500k? Please run few scans to clean some registry … etc and then see!

my cmdagent is using over 390,000 K of virtual memory and it is fine. Please adjust your virtual memory, that shoudl fix it.

jovan virtual memory is not the same as ram usage, please read the link I have posted above.

Where can i see how many my cmdagent is using in virtual memory?

Into Task Manager, choose to show the VM column.
Or, if you use Process Explorer (a very good replacement for Task Manager), the same, choose the proper column to be shown.