CMDAgent... Excessive Memory Use

CMDAgent has been killing my system performance with its memory use. For example:

After I took this screenshot I left the task list up, and memory use just kept creeping upwards. This is with Defense+ disabled, by the way. This is so egregious that I can’t believe there aren’t loads of threads about it already, but I did check the FAQ and search the forum. Apologies in advance if I missed other discussions of the issue, but is anyone else seeing this? This is on a relatively new PC with Windows XP Pro, by the way. On my laptop, with Windows XP ME, cmdagent is only using 948K.

I thought I had seen a thread about your problem but it was for excessive CPU in bug reports sorry link below if it is of any use.

Ouch :o

If you have AVG firewall you might want to disable it.

Thanks. My CPU use never gets vry high. No AVG firewall, just antivirus. This is ver., by the way.

Hi dimdem,

Something you could try as this has helped troubleshoot probs before(especially with apoint.exe) is to go to Defence+/Advanced/Defence+ settings/Monitor settings and try unchecking 1 item at a time in the “objects to monitor against direct access” section,starting with the keyboard.
You could also try adding the avg stuff to the excluded part of cpf v3
Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy/Highlight the Comodo Firewall Pro entry/Edit/Protection Settings/Click Modify next to Interprocess memory access/Add/Running Processes/The avg stuff/APPLY to close all windows.


Any errors in the CFP Diagnostics or Windows event viewer log? Other major programs runnning in the background like security software?

When the screenshot was taken, Defence+ was entirely disabled. Am I right to assume that this eliminates the need to try these steps?

Edit: BTW, I just rebooted. It was using 74,912K when Windows initially started. I opened Firefox and came here, now it is 74,936.

Another Edit: I tried the built-in diagnostics. It said that problems with the installation had been fixed and that I might need to reboot. On rebooting, though, memory use was immediately back up over 70,000K.

Hallo dimdem,

Did you set defense+ to disabled Mode or did you Deactivated it permanently using Defense+ Settings\Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart) checkbox?

Anyway in order to give devs a chance reproduce this issue in lab and let them find a reaso or a fix we need to gather as much info is possible.

The troubleshooting procedure suggested by Matty_R will help to narrow the issue to some specfic D+ monitor agent.
If you deactivated Defense+ permanently and you still get the issue please confirm it again.

If you disabled Defense+ setiing it to Disabled mode please take that D+ troubleshooting before deactivating D+ permanently.

Please report back if you use some hacked windows component like UXtheme patcher or a tcpip patch.
Also please post if you installed some skinning tool like windowblinds.

Please post a report too.

Then download sigcheck and decompress it to C:\ to gather a list of DLL versions
you can run cmd and then paste c:\sigcheck -e %windir%\system32*.dll >c:\listdll.txt

I had deactivted Defense+ permanently, still got the issue. I’ll post the other information you request if time permits. I have to be honest here… I always kind of felt like running the firewall on my desktop, which is the machine with the problem, was a little bit of overkill. I’m already behind a hardware firewall, after all. So if this isn’t a known issue with a known fix, it is going to be hard for me to justify spending the time to help you folks troubleshoot. Easier just to uninstall the thing and forget about it. I care more about having a good software firewll on my laptop, and I’ve been very happy with Comodo on that machine… hardly uses any RAM at all.

Oh, the one thing I can tell you is that I don’t have any theme software on the system.