cmdagent and high cpu while browsing.

was trying the latest beta, but now i see that the cmdagent has high cpu spikes while browsing in opera\firefox.

often up to 40-55%, then it takes a sec or two before it goes down again.

is this a known thing?

Since seeing your post, I’ve been trying to replicate this by monitoring just cmdagent.exe in Process Explorer (SysInternals) & running some heavy multi-tabbed browsing in Firefox. I’ve seen some very brief CPU spikes (normally associated with an IO spike) getting up to around 77%. To be clear… these spikes are no more than 250ms in duration. There is no apparent impact to the GUI.

In short, I cannot replicate what you are seeing. Sorry.

Over to someone else to try…

40/55 CPU time for a second or 2 is quite acceptable for a security software such as CPF. If it is persisting for a long time or happening frequently in no less than 10 minutes, then we can suspect from something.

When does this occur for example? When you use firefox for 10 minutes, does it still exist?

what happens is, while a page loads in opera 9 the agent is at 40-60%.

it goes back to 0 when the page has been fully loaded.

So if a page takes 1 or 10 sec to load, the cpu load is at that level.