CMDAGENT and CPU useage

Cmdagent is killing performance on my pc. It uses up to 50% , often for no reason I can see. Is that normal?

I’ve only ever seen this kind of jump after a fresh install while it’s learning - if not a recent install I’d check for ‘events’ first.

Following installation of the newest version, it was in ‘clean pc’ mode. Should it be safe, training or clean?

I keep dropping defense+ and then coming back to it - it frustrates the hell out of me :frowning:

I’m sure that’s frustrating.
I like Clean PC for most activity, and Safe when I’m testing new software or experiencing an influx of ‘pending files’.
If you installed in Clean mode then you shouldn’t be having a lot of conflicts…

Check these:

There are other who’ve experienced this as well - and gotten through it.

just to clarify, which is the GUI and which is the background process: cmdagent.exe or cfp.exe?

cfp.exe has always been the GUI