cmdagent access the disk for long periods when certain folders are opened

As stated, when I open certain folders in windows explorer, I hear my disk spin up and something as accessing the disk. At times, this access can go on for a long time. When I look at my task manager, cmdagent.exe is the only process that is using CPU. What would cmdagent need to do here that would cause it to access the disk for an hour at a time?

Cmdagent also uses allot of resources when I run some other software applications, registering from 5% to 25% cpu. I would like to stop this when I am running certain things, since I know the applications are safe, but I don’t know what is triggering the behavior so I don’t know what to change to stop it.

I presume this is a configuration issue, so I posted it here. Please move this thread if it should have been posted somewhere else. This is CISP 5.12 on windows xp.


this problem can be 2 reasons, and old hard drive with bad sectors;
comodo internet security 5.12, with a corrupt installation.
There is already a version of CIS 6, test it!

My hard drives do not have any bad sectors. They are WD caviar blacks that are about a year old. I defragment and run the wd testing software on them periodically. My updater says that I have the most up to date version of the software. As far as I can tell, CIS is working very well other than this issue of it accessing my disks for long periods of time. I could un-install and re-install it, but as far as I remember, this has happened from the first time I installed the software and I have re-installed windows from scratch (including CIS) at least one time over that period. I’m not sure how there could be an issue with the installation and have this be the only symptom.

Why would this be triggered only when I go into certain folders in windows explorer?


could cite the configuration of antivirus?
what size of your hd and free space?
what size of these folders and file extensions?
tried the latest version of CIS 6?

Why would this be triggered only when I go into certain folders in windows explorer?
cis 5.xx, have this problem especially if it contains files .EXE

What is in that folder? How many files of what type(s) are in it?

When opening an instance of Explorer while one or more hard drives were switched off by Windows Power Settings Windows will start up the drives which will take time. I have three drives in my system and I set Windows to never put them to sleep.

That problem also happens with me but I don’t think CIS is to blame.
I get the same issue without CIS.
For me is windows trying to cache thumbnails