cmdagant.exe internet connections at start up

On my older XP machine I use the Comodo Firewall…with Defense +.
I do not use the comodo antivirus…
the version I use…which was installed just last month is 5.5… and yes I noticed people talking about 5.8 in here…

I do not have the program set to install updates or check for them automatically…just a preferred habit of mine cept for my A/V…which is MSE.

Today I noticed that cmdagent.exe had 6 internet connections right out of the gate…(yes…I rarely fire that machine up anymore…but intend too.}

Since I don’t check for updates for the program I want to know what it is doing. Anyone have any ideas?

I only use the firewall with Defense+…no Comodo A/V or other Comodo pgms installed on this machine…and Updating is off.

Last CIS version is actually 5.9

cmdagent.exe is not used exclusively by CAV, it is also used by Defense + to check online if the files are safe and to check the TVL.