cmd pop up.on start.from amd

hi guys i want to ask you but dont know where post it i ask to buddyes but dont answer me and go to google and much forums and dont find answer.

the topic are this i install a fresh windows install format pc.and.install all my software and drivers

first install drivers and when i install amd catalyst ati video driver i see a.cmd pop up who.says “amd video transcoding.acelerate…” i investigate are virus. i download the driver from manufacturer webpage . my computer are one lenovo g 475 i download the driver for windows 8 (i have windows 8 pro32 bits)

i know how to disable pop up from ms config and install for amd drivwr whitout video transcoding

my cuestion are : what is the function of this component ? if.i disable or.uninstall i afect my pc.gpu.pwrfomance? why i need a transcoding function?

i only work whit webbrowser word and.some retro games.of.snes i dont.comvert videos.or use.photoshop or.something like that i only use movie.maker to personal video blog i need a transcoding

Install the right driver for your product.
From a trusted source.
Thats all.

i download from lenovo website and buddie downliad from here the problem was that cmd video trabscoding i can disable but dont know what transcodibg dies and if i must disable this

Depending on your graphics card, Accelerated Video Transcoding allows the GPU to offload video conversion from the CPU.

is gor convert video?

my lenovo g475

i think is amd radeon 6000

if it only for convrt video i yhink can disable sorry gor are to.cold i cant wirte on cell

I don’t recall exactly what the requirements are but I believe it needs a 6800 card or above. It’s quite safe to either uninstall or disable if not needed.