cmd just cost me my gpu!


this is not my personal report, but one of a close friend, who is to angry to write anything in this forum. the fact is that since cmd updated to premium, lots of problems started. the “agent not running” problem should be nothing new, which occurs every boot on my computer and so did it on his pc. but thats not the main problem.
in the case of my friend, cmd started blocking applications, just like this. no allert or message of any kind! it was all nicely listed in the “intrusions so far” section or “defense+ events”. furthermore changing the policy of these ecaxt files changed nothing, cmd just freaking blocks them. the so called “game mode” seemed to work at first sight, but turns out, cmd blocked some ati-files (again just like that) which the first time resulted in a bsod. but turns out the application cmd blocked was in charge of adjusting the gpu fan speed. guess what happens if that application is blocked and you can’t unblock it…

well the gpu is damaged beyond repair and it seems just one block from cmd and a reboot was all needed to destroy it. as the damage is done, there is nothing anyone here can help about. still i thaugh someone might learn something from it and i really hope there will be a decent update soon!

as it is now i defintly won’t recommend anyone using comodo, in fact it might cost u a lot ! (for an application that was supposed to be free and safe! )

with cmd you refer to cis?
another STRONG reason to get this feature

I think your friend needs to look elsewhere because Comodo wasn’t the cause for his GPU failing. Your GPU will shut down before it gets hot enough to damage it.

fan speed are controlled by the bios, even if you have a program to make the fans run sooner you still can’t turn off the minimum cooling the bios provides.

i’m very sorry for posting so hasty. turns out the gpu sensor wasn’t working from the beginnig which is propably the cause of the damage. seems like you should indeed always check your sources first.
i think my friend was just so worked up with comodo not working to his liking and then the sudden damage that he just assumed it had to be comodo that caused the harm.

sorry again if i cause any unnecessary commotion. my intention was an informing one but seems now a bit pointless, so i guess this topic can be closed.