cmd.exe -> tracert = ports not stealthed + feel safe with comodo = not possible

time error when using tracert… so every homepage i visit knows my ip adress, then uses tracert “my ip” and know that i’m there.
and… firewall leak shows how insecure comodo firewall and others are.
but i use it combined with so some of those tests are detected as trojans. but some are not… for example wwwsh.

however… i am unsafe. and i can’t make up a hardware firewall coz i connect via UMTS cell phone.

i need online security becoz of the fact that i have sensitive files on my computer. i don’t want to buy a second computer to view this files, while my first computer is only for internet.
well my question is, how can i make it more safe locally? i have as much services as possible disabled and have these files encrypted. is it possible to stealth truecrypt drives? but please better than comodo “stealth ports” option…



  1. Please describe your problem with tracert

  2. The leak test at was not updated in the last 2 years. I suggest you to see up-to-date tests such as: (note that comodo will get 100% again once the new version is tested)
    Test My PC Security

When you use tracert, you are using it locally, therefore you see what you are. When done externally you are protected. Also CFP (and 99% of firewalls for that matter) do not hide your IP address, just your ports. You are safer then you think.

Try to test your “stealth” with shields up’s scanner while connected to the UMTS.

If you get open or non stealth ports, there is a problem with you stealth configuration for CPF.
If you use the stealth wizzard you should be stealth enough for Shields op to pass the test.


you might want to put your truecrypt container/containters in the “my protected files” section in CFP.

… Its really fun moving the mouse pointer around randomly to strengthen the encryption with truecrypt.

… tons of entertainment value.