Cmd.exe and sprtsvce.exe running on Start Up

As of a the last few days every time I start my PC Comodo gives me these two alerts:

Cmd.exe trying to modify Pcd.exe.

Sprtsvc.exe trying to modify a protected registry key.

Any ideas these to actions are OK, and if why am I getting alerted to them every time I boot up?

cmd.exe allows access to the Microsoft Windows Command Prompt… Safe.

sprtsvc.exe is a SupportSoft Agent Service from SupportSoft, Inc. Safe :slight_smile:

Unless your having other problems with these processes?


I assume you are using a Dell computer as Sprtsvc.exe and Pcd.exe. are part of your Dell Support Services.

The files are most likely safe though I think they are non-essential and may use some system resources - if you do not like the warnings then maybe you could disable the files from starting up with the PC using msconfig.

Use this tool to get rid of all the bs Dell puts in your pc.