"CMD Agent"....it's baaack!

Was so happy, for about a week that CMD Agent went away, this after removing the entries in the “Unrecognised Files” which had been offered as a solution. But now that no longer seems to help, and the CMD Agent is back with even more intensity and ferocity. 60, 70, 80 per cent of the computer it requires to feed its verocious appetite.

Did you recently install other security programs or programs that interfere with networking?

Thanks Eric. Nothing new that I know of, do have “Malwarebytes,” but don’t keep it in active mode. Just now have found a program called “Process Tamer” that seems? to help a little. But then again it could be just the CMD Agent playing tricks, ha ha I gotcha, that sort of thing.

I assume you have the AV enabled in CIS and that the activity you are noticing may be related to that.

What Windows version are you on? When on Vista or 7 you can try using Performance Monitor at the moments of activity and see it you can cross reference the high CPU activity to disk activity. May be something else drag cmdagent.exe along.

Resource Monitor can be found in Task Manager → Performance → at the bottom you can find the button to start Resource Monitor.