CMC Antivirus Free?

Is this AV good? Never heard of this. Anyone know or tried this? It is kind of a suite, has FW. How effective it is?


Another player in the yard…

I found this AV in Wilders only. It has FW too. Is this AV good in detection?


Well… I never saw it in the independent virus tests.
It’s not on either.

N?ice screenshot and feature.
But detection maybe poor. I never heard this name ever.

It’s got a very bitdefenderish feel about it, don’t you think?
I would download it, but I don’t have a windows machine on hand.

Their support forum is in english, though its obvious that it is empty since not many of their users probably know english. Maybe you should post on their forum to get their attention. :wink:

I want protection, not attention :wink:

Of course. :wink: From what I’ve heard, it is light on the system, but has below average detection. Victor tested it against some links on youtube and it failed miserably. Not fully ready to take on American malware yet.