cmadagent hogs HDD

I am pretty sure this is a Defence problem. IIRC disabling it stopped the problem. If I am wrong I am sorry. It’s a hoary old chestnut but I have never seen a solution offered, although I and others have asked quite often.

Every now and then, the PC just slugs right down and the drive is thrashing away unmercifully. Even trying to scroll down a browser page is jerky and unreliable. Using Procexp.exe shows that while other programmes may pop up, cmdagent is by far the largest user of the discs at this time, both by being at the top, and by the sheer amount of driver reads/writes it is doing.

At these times there is very little CPU activity, and the whole machine seems taken up just working the drives.

It seems to come and go, as others have commented. Is this tied in to knew version as I update? Or what? This has occurred over several versions and probably at least a couple of years. I have tried turning other stuff (like search Indexing) off and sometimes it will help, but then the problem returns.

CIS is set to Stateful., TRaining Mode and Clean PC

Any help appreciated

Is this happening when it is updating the virus definitions?

And why are you running the firewall in Training Mode? It is only recommended to run this for very short durations, as it will add allow rules for everything. Even malicious processes.

What makes you think it is D+ related? At first sight it looks like the AV updating or scanning a load of files. On older hardware CIS AV is pretty heavy. What hardware are you on and what size is your pagefile set to?

To take another angle. Try cleaning out the list of Submitted Files and Unrecognised Files under Unknown files. Either one of these two lists is known t cause extra system load.

Thanks for the reply.

I felt it was D+ related because when I disabled D+, it stopped happening, even if it was thrashing at the time. AV is not scheduled to do any scans except on file opening. Why would it scan a heap of files? Just curious.

I will try cleaning out those lists. What are the consequences of removing all those items?

I think it happens too often and randomly to be virus definition update. Also at the time there is not DL activity from the web.

The FW may well have been in another mode and I tried setting there to see if it helped this problem. Other than that I don;t know. I will change it.

OK. I sit to the PC and wake it up. Among other stuff that is working the disc is thrashing away. It’s cmdagent again. This lasts about 3-5 min.

Then after quite some time I am typing into firefox and the disc is thrashing away again. cmdagent is the culprit by a facto of 5 over anything else. All I have done is to start typing this message. Firefox was already running.

I open a file folder on the desktop, quite often there will be the familiar thrash.

I repeat, I have no scheduled scans. It is not a download/update of the signatures.

There was a topic here fro a while called “cmdagent” is vexing awful. It was about the same thing. AFAIK it was not resolved. When I went to thunderbird to check the title (TB was already running) along came the thrashing again.

Surely this is not right.

I uninstaqlled CIS and installed other stuff: AV: FW. It was far far worse!

So not only is it not CIS, but CIS has a nicer footprint than a couple of others.


Are you using XP on older hardware?

Thanks for your help

Yeah I guess I am…it’s 4 years old. 88)

It also has “only” i Gb of RAM.

I have read a couple of comments about older PCs. So is it the old PC, XP, or both?

Hi RealOldNick,
I have a really old XP laptop with only 384MB of Ram that I sometimes use with minimal problems.
Have you previously had any other Anti-malware programs on that system?
If yes, check for leftovers by giving the corresponding removal tool a run.
Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software

Ok. hmmm…I think it might depend on what sort of software I am running. I am trialling some stuff that is pretty intensive and probably too much for this machine… I have had a RAM warning from one of them.

I have had other stuff on here, but when I uninstall I use a trace-checker after it, over files and registry. It seems pretty comprehensive.However the registry on here is pretty complex by now. I am working on a much faster machine for my multimedia work, and just slackly trying stuff on here.

Funny you say yours is fine, though.I have heard several stories.

That system of mine doesn’t get used a lot now and it only has the bare minimum installed/running.

Well I now have it happening on a much newer and more powerful machine, running Win 7.

I have read another thread where the problem may be fixed by removing all unrecognised files. I will just have to try that and see.