CLT??? Where i can download it ???

i get download clt with 32 test but i cannot find last version off with 34 test
Where i can download it ???


this one?

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I extracted CLT.rar from post #2 and then AVG 9 free alerted me (screenshot attached). Why?

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The alert you received from AVG simply warns that CLT could be a “potentially harmful program”. Since CLT mimics certain tricks used by malware, AVG thinks CLT may actually be malware (AVG does not know if CRT is indeed harmful, thus the phrasing “potentially harmful”). In this case, CLT is not malware and it is not harmful. You can ignore the warning (the alert you got is essentially a “false positive”).

You could also report it to AVG guys as FP. (Offtopic) Or change to a better AV, like I did a long time ago ;D


Whatever av definitely should consider clt or any other leaktest as a malware, if not, we would doubt of their ability to detect malicious scripting.

If one does not want this behavior, he is free for testing means to set the various leaktests as trusted, but it is his own responsability.

If I get best results with CLT without some options which are marked in sandbox, should I turned them off permanently and also sandbox?

Are you are talking about the settings for CIS? (the previous posts were about AVG).

If you are talking about CIS: Many users do not trust the sandbox because of many issues that are currently unresolved. Some of the these issues include possible security breaches by programs in the sandbox, possible inconsistent behavior of the sandbox, and difficulty understanding exactly what the sandbox is doing. Until these issues are addressed, many users have chosen to disable the sandbox.

I suggest you set the configuration to “proactive security” and disable the sandbox in defense+. This will provide high level security (not using the sandbox does not compromise your security in any way). When the sandbox has been improved, you can then decide if you wish to use it.

Note: When the sandbox is enabled, CLT does not achieve a perfect score because some of the tests are allowed to run in the sandbox (meaning a failed test) rather than being blocked. Presumably, even if malware is run in the sandbox, it should not harm your system. So, the current CLT test is not really applicable when using the sandbox.