CLT Results for the new CIS 5.3

Uninstalled the old version and had a clean firewall install with maximum protection option selected.
OS: Windows 7 (32 bit)
Performed a quick test using CLT and got 330/340.
Failed no. 24 DDE

CLT plugin “CLT\plugins\SetWinEventHook.dll” is added to the trusted file list automatically after the test.
Is that normal?

(I’ve done another test with cloud scanning disable, still get 330/340 but the CLT plugin does not automatically be added to the trusted file list anymore.)

I get 340/340, as usual. 88)

My Trusted files is empty after the test.

Configuration: Proactive Security
Sandbox: Enabled, Partially Limited
OS: Windows XP SP3 (32 bit)

I too have posted about this setwin added to trusted lists & asked why it is added to trusted lists but there was no response by anyone. Hope anyone reply here.

How its scanned & found safe?? I guess a bug here. But would like to here from the Devs, Mods or the Experts here.


With 5.0 I reach 200…

I have followed the so called “guide” I have put Firewall settings on Block all etc… and I have made NO mistake what so ever :). But I only reach 190-200…

You are having difficulty following directions again. At the end of the CLT Guide is states:

Your post does not contain all the information requested, so perhaps you are trolling rather than asking for help. Trolling is not permitted.

I still get 340/340 on windows XP SP3.

I’m getting 330/340. Failed in Coat.

Already turned off the sandbox.

Would appreciate it if anyone willing to advise me.

Edit: Using Win 7 x64 here

lol. Good luck taking me as a comodo troll, as I am rather more of an fanboi.

Look back in around july if not earlier for my last concern about low scores in CLT…

Umm something I don’t understand sometimes CLT will show a x/340 score scale and now it’s showing x/330 score scale.

Why is it changing?

I can only reach 330/330 score now it was 330/340 before

Sandbox enabled, proactive security configuration, Vista 64 bit

That usually means that one component (in plugins folder) is missing. If you delete e.g. ActiveDesktop.dll, you will see “Score 0/330” in CLT, before you run the tests (and 330/330 after running the tests).

Thanks weird as I didn’t delete any nor did my AV

Umm I just did the test again using new extract and got 340/340.

From the guide…
3. Delete the Internet Explorer (IE) browsing history cache. Run IE, click on the “tools” menu, then select “internet options”. Click on the “general tab” and then click on the “delete” button under browsing history. You can also delete the browsing history using cleaning programs such as CCleaner or Cleanup! The reason why you need to clean the IE history: If CLT was previously run and previously failed “Impersonation: Coat”, IE will open the target webpage from the IE cache, and not through the leak, leading to a false failure of “Impersonation: Coat”. Erasing the browsing history ensures that IE cannot load the webpage from the cache and forces IE to load the webpage through the leak.

Read the full guide here…